Kitchen Repairs

Can you repair garbage disposals?

We have a very knowledgeable crew to come check out the disposal and we will do our best to repair it on the spot. When a garbage disposal breaks, it does not seem like the end of the world until the next day. After a day of eating, doing dishes and a broken disposal, the entire sink, kitchen and house can start to smell. (If it clogs and does not drain, that could make it even worse.) Sometimes there are loose parts in the disposal, sometimes the motor stops working, and other times it gets jammed. Regardless of the issue, you should definitely call a plumber out to take a look instead of trying to fix it yourself.

Sticking your hand down a broken garbage disposal is not always the best idea. Occasionally people can leave the button on without realizing it and while down there, knock a bolt back in place. The last thing you want is a major injury because you are trying to save the time in calling a plumber.