Other Plumbing Repairs

Can you help replace water softeners?

Although you may want to take on the task of replacing the softener yourself, it is wise to advise one of our professional technicians of the problems so we can assess it first. A softener is a great investment and before you replace it for anywhere up to $1000, let us take a look and try to fix the problem for you. It could be a quick fix, or maybe something a little more complicated; whatever it is, we will fill you in on the details and do our best to get it repaired for you.

Like most people, you decided you wanted “soft” clean water in your home. You wanted to escape that chlorine smell, and the chore of adding or removing salt and minerals from your water. Now you have exactly what you need, until one day is stops working, and you have no idea what to do!

They may come across as complicated, but we know all the working parts and what needs to be done. We are intentional of communicating the repair process to you, so you know what you can do to help maintain it. It is important to keep the tank and resin bed clean; this will help you keep your softener running smoother and longer. We will advise you on what type of salt to add, different chemicals you can get, and how to check the drain.