Other Plumbing Repairs

Can you install and repair water heaters?

Our plumbers can assist you in finding the correct heater, or make the necessary adjustments for replacement. Our company installs hundreds of heaters in a given year! We have found that the best performing and long lasting heater today is a Rheem water heater. We buy only professional grade units that come equipped with brass fittings, not plastic parts like the ones you will purchase through a Big Box Store.

Do you have a water heating tank located somewhere in the house?

  • Electric tank?
  • Gas tank?
  • Tank-less electric?
  • Tank-less gas?
  • Solar powered storage?

Water heaters have become much more energy efficient over the past few years. In the past year, heaters have improved to an average of 95% efficiency. The amount of insulation around the tank has also doubled, adding to the energy savings. With all these new changes, also comes the catch; a larger heater. Your old water heater might be a few inches smaller in diameter and height than the new unit! This needs to be taken into consideration if the heater is located in a custom space or closet.