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What can I do about my faucet drip?

One small drip from your faucet may be masking a much bigger problem. Not only is that annoying drip sound keeping you up at night, but it is slowly causing damage to your pipes, floorboards, or even inside the walls. As if the water damage wasn’t enough, you are even more prone to getting mold in your home. South Florida brings a recipe for disaster with an abundance of humidity to add to this problem.

Although it may seem like a quick fix, it is wise to call a plumber to make sure that there are no bigger issues. Just because you stop a leak today, does not mean that it is fixed for good. In order to ensure that there is no mold growth and that your drip is secured and fixed, you should have a licensed technician take a look. We will take nothing lightly and make sure that you do not have to worry about this in the future.

We will get to the root of the problem and take any extra precautions in your home. Sometimes little things you can do can result in fewer maintenance expenses. We want you to be prepared for any leaks in the future and will explain the cause, effect, and how you can help prevent this.