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What can I do to fix my low water pressure?

Do you have low water pressure in some or all of your water fixtures? If so, there are many reasons that might be causing you to lose water pressure:

  • Underground leaking pipe
  • Bent or kinked supply tubes
  • Dirt or debris lodged in the system
  • Clogged aerator
  • Partially open shut off valve and so many others…

Our plumbers will be able to perform a water pressure test and determine what is causing the loss of water pressure in your home or business. Normal water pressure for a residence should be between 55 to 65 lbs.

If we run a test and find that your water pressure is low, we will talk over the process with you to find out what the best solution would be. We have many recommendations on the next steps to take and will find you the most cost-effective way to proceed.