Plumbing Installation

What is a booster pump water system?

If your water pressure is low, there are different things that could be causing the problem. We like to take the necessary steps to make sure we know exactly what is wrong, how we can fix it, and what you can do to check for any issues from that point.

Sometimes people think that the only issue with their water pressure is a clogged pipe, but often, the water pressure could be low even with brand new pipes! Before you run out to replace your pipes, let us decipher what the issue is and figure out how we can help. In some situations, you are stuck with the water pressure that your city provides. The easiest solution is to install a booster pump system. This will allow you to increase the water coming in with an electric pump and pressure tank.

In the long run, this system is definitely worth it. In a busy office where people are using the bathroom frequently, or at home when 2 showers are running at the same time; this system will help. It allows you to have strong water pressure while avoiding costs of major repairs or new piping. It is energy efficient as well and holds water for the next time you need it so it isn’t constantly running. Call us for questions on this installation and we can give you an estimate and details about the right booster pump you will need.